Monday, February 23, 2015

Creative Chinese Zodiac Sheep Year Red Envelope Design-

Red envelope, red packet or 'hongbao' is a monetary gift which is given during Chinese Lunar New Year or other special occasions such as weddings, the birthdays or graduation.

Traditionally the 'red' envelope comes in red which symbolizes good luck with gold print or hot stamping of auspicious greetings. Today, besides red, we see them in gold, pink, orange, yellow & hues close to red. 

Recently, a friend gave me a set of creatively designed red envelopes which she received from a printing company. It came in multiple colors including an unusual teal.

Each envelope are conceptually designed with spring couplets (duilian) in balanced four characters for the Chinese Zodiac year of sheep.

Too bad I can't do a good translation on them. And seriously please do not try to Google translate these couplets as it would distort the meaning and turn them into jokes.

I find the glue-less concept with just a die cut slit is brilliant idea for the closing the envelope. Just a piece of square paper with few folds, it is transformed into an envelope.

This is a good idea for other stationery and gift packaging designs besides red envelope.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Origami Lantern for Chinese Lunar New Year

Love this red origami balls that adorn my home on Chinese New Year. With a little improvisation from the tutorial I learnt from How about Orange, I have a red lantern on my memory lane by the stairway.

A minimum weight of 120gm paper for smaller ball. If you intend to add in the LED lights, do use at least 150gm paper up to card size. The 120gm paper I used for this 6 inches diameter ball is not ideal . The bottom petals couldn't support the weight n went flat on the bottom. String balls in various sizes is another great decoration.

Romantic night light in the bedroom

Adding in a battery operated LED lights. With 2 3As battery, it can last for the 15 days celebration!
Just drop the LED lights before assembling the last petal.