Saturday, June 9, 2012

Mini Eraser Charm Bracelet

Turn mini erasers

Charm Bracelet

One morning during my younger daughter, Ning, two weeks school holiday, I brought her to a bookshop to buy books for her. She spotted a cute set of eraser in the bookshop and asked if she could have it. I bought her and her sister a book each and a really cute set of Korean made mini erasers.

The stationery these days are so pretty. Kids are drawn to their designs more than their functions. The set of eraser Ning picked looked more like candy and toy, so small in size that one may find difficulty to use it. She offered some of her mini erasers to her sister and cousins. Later, when she got tired playing with them, she asked me what could she does with them. I suggested making a charm bracelet with the erasers. Her eyes sparkled to excitement as she loves charm bracelet. 

We had a good time making the charm bracelet together. It was a quick project to make with the available materials and tools at home. Click here for Yann's tutorial page on making it.