Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mini Chalkboard Wooden Flower Pot Stand

My husband and I bought a new house about 20 months ago and it has since been going through some rigorous renovation works.  I took the opportunity to use some of the remnants from my new house renovation to create all kinds of craft projects. The workers are current laying down the parquet flooring and there are plenty of wood to play with!

A coat or two of chalkboard paint, the pot stands are ready for you to scribble on it!

While the workers were busy laying down the timber flooring, I took the some batons scraps to make these mini chalkboard flower pot stands. The best part is that I get help from these workers to saw the batons with their electric saw.  Ha, that saves my trouble to saw the wood by hand! With the available wood adhesive on the site, I glued the batons into flower pot stands and sprayed paint it with my new toy - chalkboard paint.

Chalkboard paint is not easily available in Malaysia though they are factories manufactured this paint for export. I am very lucky to have a bottle to play with. While I have not try it myself, I have learned that it is pretty simple to make chalkboard paint. Grout is a key ingredient and I saved some from the balance of the recent tiling work at the new house. I am looking forward to trying it out soon. Click here for a tutorial for making chalkboard paint.

My daughter Ning wanted one pot stand. She objected me doodled on hers.

I need to get few more cactus to fill the empty pot stand.

The newly bought cactus plants sit prettily in these mini wooden flower pot stands. Lovely! I will find a nice spot for them when I move into the new house.


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  2. If you fill a windowbox with shade-loving impatiens and then put it in a sunny, west-facing location, those impatiens will struggle to survive. You will also fail if you try to grow sun-loving ivy geraniums on a shady porch.

    1. The last batch of cactus died for not having enough sunlight in the old house. The new batch just came and sit by the window with great morning sun. They will do well here in my new home.

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