Saturday, May 18, 2013

Kettle Stitch Handmade Reading Records

Although we have the highest literacy rates in South East Asia countries, Malaysian are not a reading nation. Many people prefer light reading materials like newspaper and magazines instead of books. According to literacy statistic, out of 85% Malaysian who read regularly, only 3% read books. And I was not in the 3% book readers untill the recent years. Thanks to my sister who shared with me a few good non-fictions books with me when she was living with me; and also some good books behind when she moved away. Having said that, I am still not proud to say that I read more than a few books a year.

As a designer; an artist and a crafter, I am naturally attracted to visual images more than to texts. Therefore, I hardly read book... I meant books without pictures and graphics. Since I started this blog, I have been struggling with my writing. I take long time to complete every write-up. But I was encouraged when I came upon this quote - A good  writer must first be a good readerHence, I started to read more, hoping to write better and set good example for my children. With this new resolution, I was inspired to handmade these reading records for myself, my children and someone dear, to record books we read.

Click here for an online tutorial on kettle stitch bookbinding. I hope to have my own tutorial later on how to add beads onto the stitches for a more interesting finishing.

My personal copy with magnectic button
Cover fabric from one of my favorite fabric designer - Amy Butler

Made as a surprise gift for a dear one
Cover fabric was tie dyed batik that I made after attending a seminar on Shibori.
The square embroidery of 
Dong people -Ethnic minority in
Zhaoxing, Guizhou Province China.

The fun piece for my 11-year-old daughter who loves polka dots. This is her copy.

This sweet floral piece for my 8-year-old daughter loves purple and trinket