Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bracelet Making with My Little Girl

While working with my key chain charms today, I noticed my little girl was feeling so bored. To cheer her up, I suggested to her to make beads bracelet. She got excited with the idea and was eager to start it right away. 

At seven, her hands and eyes coordination are ready to work on smaller beads or beads with small loops. I opened up my storage boxes  which contained new beads and trinkets and saved beads and trinkets from broken necklaces and bracelets. I encouraged her to use  some of those colorful children's beads and my little girl made her selection like pinking candy. I do not buy jewelry making kits from the stores because I do not find that is interesting combination and it is pricey for me. 

I like the random design bracelet that my little girl created. I adore handicrafts created by kids. They do not think and plan like adult instead they let their instinct guides them in their creativity. When she completed stringing the beads, I helped to tie a dead knot at the two ends.  To add a little fun and uniqueness, I tied  a little pink pompom it to the bracelet. My little girl loves it!

This would be a great party activity for girls. We may not have JoAnn in Malaysia but they are many jewelry making supplies shops in China Town, KL for beads shopping. Having that said, my favorite place to buy jewelry making supplies is Bangkok

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Knitted Neck Warmer Refashion Into Cushion Cover

Living in the tropical has limited my exposure to any winter fashion thus far. I fear of cold weather, hence I don’t like the idea of traveling to any country during their winter times. As a result,   I didn't know a large knitted thing with opening at its’ two ends is actually a neck warmer. It is quite a cool way to keep the neck and even head warm.

So, here is the story. I was doing my Christmas shopping at the newly opened H&M store at Setia City Mall last December.  This is the 2nd H&M Store opened in Malaysia in three months. I was excited to discover this amazing store where I found many great fashion stuffs at surprisingly reasonable prices. Among the many goodies that I spotted, this beautiful knitted neck warmer was in a bargain bin for RM 15 (US$5). I was mainly attracted to its colors and design before I know what it’s for.  I thought it was a great deal and an idea to turn it into a cushion cover flashed into my mind and a perfect Christmas gift for a dear friend.

To start, I made a cushion with nice upholstery fabric and sewed a few fabric covered buttons to it; making few button holes on the neck warmers so that it will secure the cover to the cushion.  To add some fun, I decorated the cushion cover with some pompoms - a project is done in a few short hours.

If you have knitted neck warmers sitting in the closet you should consider up cycle them for cushion covers!