Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chalkboard " DAYS UNTIL" Countdown Sign

I made a short trip to Singapore last weekend to attend a friend's graduation ceremony and to meet up with friends and relatives. One of the meetings was with Jeanie, the sister-in- law of my sister. Jeanie and her boyfriend, Adam, had left the U.S. to work in Singapore since last December. I wanted to bring them a gift and I thought something for their apartment would be a good gift.

Picture from Infarrantly Creative

I have seen a chalkboard project here for a "days until" sign that I planned to make one for my home as our family love the excitement of anticipating upcoming events and holidays. I thought this would also be a perfect gift for Adam and Jeanie. With this sign, they can look forward to holidays, events, and perhaps the day that they will go home to visit family and friends.

As I had mentioned on my last post "Mini Chalkboard Wooden Flower Pot Stand", the on going renovation of my new house provides me with materials for craft projects. I picked some wood planks and batons scraps from the site to work on some chalkboard projects.

Click here for tutorial page

First, I select a wood plank with the perfect length to make this sign. I measured the space allocated for both the wording and chalkboard. Then I headed straight to a sign maker near my area to order 2 sets of "days until" vinyl stickers. With the given measurement and selection of typo, the store sign maker was able to get it done for me within 15 minutes. . I didn't even need to give them a soft copy. I paid a mere RM2.50 (US$0.80) for each set of the stickers.

I wanted to start working on the project as soon as I got home from the sign maker but had to hold it back because that was a busy day. The next day, the day before my departure to Singapore, I was able to complete this project between my busy schedule o running errands and overseeing the landscaping work at the new house. I always believe that there are times to craft if you know how to prioritize your work. 

In the evening, I wrapped the sign with other gifts I prepared for friends and relatives.  I was looking forward to a short break from home and meeting up with people I care about in Singapore.

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