Friday, December 21, 2012

Handmade Notebook with French General Giveaway

Lucky me had won 'The Warp and the Weft'  of French General blog Petite Odile giveaway in end April 2012. The giveaway consisted of a Jelly roll fabric, cards and stickers from French General. Thanks to French General for posting the parcel across half the globe to Malaysia. And I had promised to make something out of the Petite Odile jelly roll. Finally after a few months, a handmade book was made with the given fabrics.

The patchwork idea came into my mind as individual piece of the long narrow stripes could not cover the surface of the book. Making patchwork was great as it display different prints and shades of the Petite Odile collection.

I made use of everything in the gift package including the wrapper and whatever I could get in my stock for an old french theme. And I hope for more acquires in future to add on to this book.

This handmade kettle stitch book collects sewing notions like vintage buttons,laces, fabrics, inspiring motifs and images with red, white, cream and natural are the key colors. It was an inspiration after the French General.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Duo-sided Christmas Napkins

I haven't got over my red mania since last Christmas. The French General had quite an impact on me since I learn about it from Kaari Meng books. Thanks to a dear friend recent order for Christmas theme napkins as one of the item in her gifts catalog, I got to continue my red mania project. I happily designed and handpicked some fabric for the napkins and sent them to a workshop for the order. I sew some extra for personal use and gifts to dear friends as I think that is more special. Another reason is because I could do better job than the workshop as I take longer to sew.

Diagonal Buffet Server  with pocket for holding cutlery set
I have designed duo-sided table runner and table mats last Christmas. Now, it is a table napkin. The purpose for designing the duo-sided napkin is simply to have extra option for table display.  After sewing the sample, I searched on Youtube for napkin folding tutorial. I found this napkin folding- Diagonal Buffet Server great to display the duo face napkin I made as it shown the different colors of the two sides. 

To personalize the seat, just add a name tag of your guest on the white fold

I have never use fabric table napkin at home as this is not common practice in Asian homes. This is the first time I learn to fold a fancy design napkins and that was really fun. I hope to learn more ways of napkin folding when I have time.

Lily Napkin reveals the different side on the top fold
Simple Butler Napkin with a fold on the top flap to reveal the different side
Vintage brass napkin ring I bought in Healdsburg Antique Fair 2011
adds charm to table setting. But one problem, I only have one ring.

I couldn't wait to use these beautiful napkins for my Christmas events at home in this December. Click here for this easy to make napkin tutorial.