Friday, June 21, 2013

Keychain & Bag Charms

With a resourceful of hill tribe textiles and accessories available in the country, it is no wonder that Thai artisans produces beautiful ethnic inspired of merchandises. 

One common ethnic inspired merchandise is the colorful key rings and bag charms which are easily found in Northern Thailand. I simply adore them. They are on my 'to make' list.

With the pom poms mania I was on for couple of months last year for a hair accessories making project, I have a small basketful of left over to use. Together with the Yi people triangle ornaments I brought back from Sichuan, China 2 years ago, I made these charming dingle dangle bag charms and key rings.

I love my version of charming charms. Do you?

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bookbinding workshop

I have the thought of organizing sewing and crafting workshops for sometime.  But I am just like many who think a lot and not executing their plans. There was no progress until few of us from the Good Soil fellowship planned these 2 workshops at the community hall of my church for some art students. I work together with a friend who is also a passionate bookbinder for the two bookbinding workshops. Even though that is voluntary work, I am equally excited about it and glad to be part of it.

Workshop I in 2012

Workshop II in 2013

Overall, the students done fairly well for their first bookbinding project although 1 or 2 of them struggle a little to complete the project. With more practice, they could certainly improve and master their bookbinding skill.  

Maybe someday, I will finally organize my own sewing and crafting workshops.