Friday, September 7, 2012

Felt Flowers Mania

Though I have not been posting regularly lately, my hands have never stopped crafting.  I have been constantly designing and planning something for my new house which we planned to move in 2 weeks. My creative desire has been fulfilled of late - some day is more than the other.

My garden of joy
Layered scallop felt flower wrist tie

Layered scallop felt flowers hair bands

Felt flowers broaches and clips
These felt flowers are gorgeous. I had seen them on shoes, bags and hair accessories. I have been thinking about making it awhile but had never really started until I came across free online tutorials 4 months ago day. Since then, I have been making these felt flowers in between my busy schedules. I made these flowers while waiting for my girls’ at their music lessons, English programs and whenever I have to wait. I do have to finish the gluing processes with the glue gun at home.

Pretty scallop felt flowers head bands
Which clip do you like most?
This would look great on little red riding hood

Elastic hair bands
Perfect pair for bunches and pigtails of little girls

I finally started selling them 2 months ago with the hope of collecting fund to buy new crafting gadgets. The moms & teacher in my girls' music classes, and my friends have been very supportive to my “fundraising” project. I am participating in a church fundraising event for the needy community this September (2012). These felt accessories will be on sale at the event and all proceeds will go to charity.

Lovely rose clips, hair bands

My 10 year old daughter was inspired to make them after watching mummy making these felt flowers accessories. She made some felt flower elastic bands for her cousins. If a 10 year old can made it I bet you can do it too. I have two tutorials on how to make the felt flower Check out the gradual tone felt rose and felt rose ring from my tutorial blog and also Jess's blog on the scallop layered flower & rolled felt flower.