Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Wedding Ring Pillow

I believe it is every woman's dream to have a beautiful wedding though that is not the most important part in a marriage. In fact, I am one of those who dreamed and fantasized.....but I didn't get the chance to walk the aisle on my wedding; get to say "I do" nor have a beautiful wedding ring pillow. But I would love to see others having a beautiful memorable wedding day.

Hence, when I received an wedding invitation from a young couple recently and having known their rustic wedding theme, I offered to make a wedding ring pillow with the similar theme as my wedding gift for them.

I looked into my stock of sewing scraps and found some fabric and accessories. The unbleached linen is the perfect choice. Matching it with cotton lace trimmings and laced butterfly; Sola flowers and metal initials.

I have a box of Sola flowers which I bought long time ago but I have no clue what it is until I saw this video clip. According to my discovery on the net, Sola flowers are made from soft bark of tapioca plant. These flower added natural charm to the pillow.

Having in mind the couple might like to keep this in their bedroom, I inserted some lavender potpourri into the pillow. 

The finished product as you can see is very pretty and authentic. I wish I had a wedding ring pillow at my wedding, but I'm as happy to have made one for a friend.