Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Origami Lantern for Chinese Lunar New Year

Love this red origami balls that adorn my home on Chinese New Year. With a little improvisation from the tutorial I learnt from How about Orange, I have a red lantern on my memory lane by the stairway.

A minimum weight of 120gm paper for smaller ball. If you intend to add in the LED lights, do use at least 150gm paper up to card size. The 120gm paper I used for this 6 inches diameter ball is not ideal . The bottom petals couldn't support the weight n went flat on the bottom. String balls in various sizes is another great decoration.

Romantic night light in the bedroom

Adding in a battery operated LED lights. With 2 3As battery, it can last for the 15 days celebration!
Just drop the LED lights before assembling the last petal.

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